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U, absolute, absolutist, absolutistic, arbitrary, arrogant, august, authoritarian, authoritative, autocratic, autonomous, bossy, bureaucratic, chivalrous, civic, civil, constitutional, courtly, democratic, despotic, dictatorial, dignified, domineering, ducal, elitist, exalted, fascist, federal, federalist, federalistic, feudal, genteel, gentle, gentlemanlike, gentlemanly, governmental, grand, grave, grinding, gubernatorial, heteronomous, high, high and mighty, high-handed, hubristic, imperative, imperial, imperious, imposing, kinglike, kingly, knightly, ladylike, lordly, magisterial, magistral, majestic, masterful, matriarchal, matriarchic, monarchal, monarchial, monarchic, monocratic, noble, of gentle blood, of rank, official, oligarchal, oligarchic, oppressive, overbearing, overruling, parliamentarian, parliamentary, patriarchal, patriarchic, patrician, peremptory, pluralistic, political, princelike, princely, queenlike, queenly, quite the lady, regal, repressive, republican, royal, sedate, self-governing, severe, sober, solemn, stately, statuesque, strict, suppressive, theocratic, titled, totalitarian, tyrannical, tyrannous, venerable, worthy

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.


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